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Erik and the Gods: Journey to Valhalla

By Lars Henrik Olsen
Translated by Paul Russell Garrett


About the book

The Land of the Gods is at war. Refusing to make peace, the two sides continue their endless battles, ignoring how many innocents are harmed.

One evening, during a terrible storm, Thor, the God of Thunder, appears to Erik, an ordinary 13 - year - old boy. He sends Erik on a secret mission with his daughter, to travel back in time to the Land of the Dead. Erik must bring back the Goddess of Eternal Life from the giants before the Gods weaken and totally lose their powers.

Time is running out. Can Erik rescue the Goddess and prevent the end of the world?


Other books in the series

The Fight over the Sword
The story takes place on Laesoe where Erik is on holiday with his friend Marie from school. He finds the sword Gram, but the Jotuns are trying to get the sword and Odin comes in disguise to help protect the sword.

Kvasers Blood
Here we find Erik once again intertwined in the world of the gods. This time, however, it is the Jotuns who wants Erik's assistance. Útgarða-Loki is trying to get Erik to see things from the Jotuns' perspective and together with his daughter, Gunnlöð tries to get skjaldemøden back from the gods.

The Fate of the Gods
On a holiday in Iceland, Erik experiences an earthquake and a flood which strikes him out. When he wakes, he is once more in Asgard. Here the Jotuns are attacking, and everything indicates that Ragnarok is in progress.

About the author

Lars-Henrik Olsen is a Danish author. His writing spans both children's, youth and adult books. He has written over 70 books including non-fiction about animals and nature, Nordic mythology and several historical novels. His books have been translated into a total of 13 different languages and sold millions of copies. He also helped found the Panda Club for the World Wildlife Fund.

His novel Erik and the Gods: Journey to Valhalla (Erik Menneskeson) was awarded The Danish Children's Book Award in 1986. A film is now being made of the book in Denmark.


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