From Docks to Desktops

From Docks to Desktops

ISBN: 9781906582548
64 pages

From Docks to Desktops

by Simon Startin


About the book

Created from dozens of personal testimonies, this is the story of the changing face of work today. This unique approach to exploring a key social trend gives a human voice to the workplace revolution.

Surrey Docks in South-East London was once a thriving commercial hub, hosting some of the UK's leading commercial brands, including Crosse & Blackwell, Sarson's, Peek Freans and Lipton's. These huge organisations created a myriad of jobs for local people, and the community prospered.

But, with the decline of the docks in the 1970s, factories closed down or relocated, work patterns changed and redevelopment began. From Docks to Desktops explores the fascinating story of how one community has survived the 21st-century challenges of urban change and renewal.


About the author

Simon Startin has worked as a professional theatre-maker since 1991, with such companies as Graeae, Red Shift and Fittings. His first play, 'Revolting' was funded by London Arts and was a dark satire on models of disability. Since then he has worked with London Bubble Theatre Company, writing nine pieces for them, five of which were awarded the Time Out Critics' Choice. The most recent of these, 'Blackbirds' is also published by Aurora Metro. Simon is Co-creative Director of the The Big Lounge Collective; a production company that promotes the work of emerging disabled artists.


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