ISBN 978-1-9-906582-29-6
80 pages


by Simon Startin


About the book

Blackbirds gives a compelling account of the London Blitz told by a group of Londoners who remained in the city.

Hear the survivors recount their vivid memories in their own words. In the first month of the Blitz alone 5,730 people were killed and 9,003 seriously injured. By the end of the Blitz in May 1940, just 9 short months later, 43,000 people had been killed, half of them in London.

Collected by local residents and performed by local people, Blackbirds was performed for the first time by The London Bubble Theatre Company on 9 May 2011.




"Using personal testimony, physical theatre and the combined skills of a cast of contemporary Londoners, ranging in age from 7 to 78, the performance is a theatrical experience of events that formed our city into what we know today." - STEP (Southwark Theatres' Education Partnership)

"Simon Startin's script swoops joyously between statuesque epic verse and sharp, modern vernacular." - Odyssey/London Bubble, Time Out review

"Community theatre can't be underestimated, as people discover their own inner talent and that they have a voice." - London Bubble Review, The Docklands


About the Author

Simon Startin has written a number of critically acclaimed plays including The Dong with a Luminous Nose, Metamorphoses, The Odyssey and Revolting.


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