From the Mouths of Mothers

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From the Mouths of Mothers

ISBN 978-1-906582-99-9

From the Mouths of Mothers

by Amanda Stuart Fisher


About the book

A powerful, short verbatim play assembled from mothers' experiences of their children being abused.

A verbatim play, created from the testimonies of seven mothers who have had to come to terms with the devastating reality of their children being sexually abused. In a society in denial of the widespread occurrence of the sexual abuse of children, and with a system ill-equipped to deal with the families, the women tell the often harrowing stories of how they have struggled to access medical and social services for their families as well as justice from the courts.

About the author

Amanda Stuart Fisher is a Senior Lecturer at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. She has written and directed several plays including Who Will Carry The Word? an adaptation of Charlotte Delbo's play and The Adventures of the Big Bad Wolfy, a devised play which was performed at The Hall for Cornwall. Amanda is the author of several articles and chapters in books and has published in journals such as TDR, Studies in Theatre and Performance and Performance Research. She lives in SW London with her husband and two children.


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