Eastern Promise: 7 Plays From Central And Eastern Europe

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Eastern Promise: 7 Plays From Central And Eastern Europe

ISBN 0-9515877-9-X
320 pages

Eastern Promise: 7 Plays From Central and Eastern Europe

Edited by Sian Evans and Cheryl Robson

About the book

This collection of award winning pieces features plays from the cutting edge of Central and Eastern European theatre.



Belgrade Trilogy
by Biljana Srbljanovic (Yugoslavia)

Set in Sydney, Los Angeles and Prague on New Year's Eve, the everyday life of young exiles from the Balkans, winner of the Slobodan Selenic Prize.

The Tender Mercies
Sladjana Vujovic (Montenegro)

Edinburgh Fringe First winner '...dazzling play upon the savagery of war .' - The Scotsman

Tulip Doctor
Vera Filo (Hungary)

Set against the background of war, life becomes a cartoon, where anything can happen and will.

The Chosen Ones
Elena Popova (Belorussia)

Winner of the European play competition, described as 'A poignant portrayal of post-communist society'.

Jenufa (Her Stepdaughter)
Gabriela Preissova (Czech)

Portrays a secret birth and infanticide, the play aroused controversy when first written in 1890. It was the basis for Janacek's opera Jenufa and is translated into English now for the first time.

Alina Nelega (Romania)

Set in a Maternity ward on the eve of the revolution patients and staff reflect the divided nature of Romanian society.

The Umbilical Cord
Krystyna Kofta (Poland)

An intense family relationship, where ritual has replaced real life, interrogates '... A generation suffering moral defeat'.


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