£7.99 pbk
ISBN 0953675785
144 pages pbk


Eliette Abecassis

• Winner of The Ecrivain Croyant Literary Prize.

• Filmed as Kadosh by Amos Gitai

• Selected for the Cannes Film Festival

Sacred is the moving love story of a young woman, living in the ultra-orthodox community in Jerusalem. Spurned by her community for failing to conceive a child in ten years of marriage, her husband is forced by custom to reject her. Should she tell the truth about his infertility - or watch while her husband, the son of the Rabbi, marries another?

'In Rachel and Naomi, Abecassis creates two powerful and sympathetic heroines, and the power and beauty of her writing renders their story both heartbreaking and hypnotic.' Observer

'A terrifying book on the feminine condition.' Le Figaro


Price: £7.99

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