ISBN 09515877-4-9
Fiction Anthology
242 pages
Age range 14+

and other tales of growing up

Edited by Sarah Lefanu

A sparkling collection of stories exploring a host of female parts, rites of passage, love, loss, danger, revelations, strange relationships, the pleasures and pains of growing up female in one entertaining volume

'...the stories are fresh, one for every occasion. Many of them I would read a number of times - they are thought-provoking. This book is likely to be bought by women for friends, lovers, and themselves... buy it and see...' Fed Magazine

'...a mixed bag of some of the best new writing around.' - The Guardian

With Stories From:

Hilary Bailey, Sally Cameron, Betzy Dinesen, Souad Faress, Chrissie Gittins, Bonnie Greer, Vicky Grut, Kirsty Gunn, Brigid Howarth, Mizzy Hussain, Geraldine Kaye, Carolyn Partrick, Ellen Phethean, Kate Pullinger, Stella Rafferty, Ravinder Randhawa, Máire Ni Réagáin, Michèle Roberts, Daphne Rock, Elisa Segrave, Kirsty Seymour-Ure, Susanna Steele, Karen Whiteson.