ISBN 0951587722
282 pages pbk

Six Plays by Black & Asian Women Writers

ED. Kadija George

My Sister-Wife

Meera Syal

A taut thriller about two women who are married to the same man.

Running Dream

Trish Cooke

Three generations of West Indian women, portrayed with warmth and humour.

Song for a Sanctuary

Rukhsana Ahmad

Explores the painful dilemma of an Asian woman forced to seek help from a women's refuge.

Leonora's Dance


Four women share the house of a ballet dancer, whose contact with the supernatural lays the ghosts of the past to rest.


Maya Chowdhry

A poetic account of a young woman's sexual awakenhing.

A Hero's Welcome

Winsome Pinnock

A tale of misplaced loyalty, longing for escape and early love.