ISBN 978-1-906582-03-6
200 Pages

As Featured on Richard and Judy


James Spence

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This book takes the art of acquiring the freebie to a whole new level of absurdity. Rejoice as the Customer Services departments of multinational corporations are fed ridiculous stories designed to make them part with their sweet logo-bearing bounty.

Bask in the bizarre accounts of penguin attacks, weird experiments, heroic alter-egos and many more fishy tales, each designed to garner goodies for absolutely nothing. Whether he's playing the system or just playing games, James Spence demonstrates his comic genius via his uniquely entertaining emails.
The respondents often surprise us too by entering into the spirit of the author's wacky world. With colour photos of the author and his collection of toys, mugs, vouchers and of course - T-shirts.

James lives with his wife Tiff and cat Angel in Dunfermline, where he has created, unquestionably one of Scotland's most popular online comic strips 'Dr Sheep and the Aardvark', enjoyed by thousands of comic fans around the world. But, it was with the publication of Silly Beggar that James has become a media darling, appearing on numerous radio and TV shows giving his take on the creative art of blagging.